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8/3/2007 · I'm pretty sure that's a 1970 too, from the serial number - you can date them that way, if you have other known examples to compare to. I've had a few 1970 Marshall pieces, all with serials in the 30000 series. The features fit as well. Just a question - don't take this the wrong way, no offense intended - but why do you need to know the actual year? If it has a set of features that make it, say, early … more


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159 rows · Serial no. Year: Color: Handles: Castor cups: Backpanel: Grillcloth: Corner logo: Marshall … more


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6/29/2010 · Wally's got the Doyle book on Marshall, 2010 appraised at $3500 to $4300 in excellent condition. This cabinet is not excellent, but very nice indeed. I've … more


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5/26/2018 · here is a cabinet our lead player appeared with today at our practice room. He bought this in the 70's and has only replaced the cloth on it due to unwanted cat attention! Any idea how I might get the wattage and impedence from the serial number as he intends to run his Victory VX Kraken through it … more


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DATING EARLY FENDER AMPLIFIERS Dating early Fender amplifiers is sometimes quite challenging. While dating Fender amps made before 1994 by serial number is all but impossible (as records of these numbers were never kept), all hope is not lost—the charts below should prove helpful in dating … more


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Gracing the stages for over 50 years. Discover our iconic amp cabinets. more


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8/24/2018 · For dating purposes it is useful to know these are only usually present on speakers made between 1969 to 1976. From 1986 onwards a two digit number is normally used instead. The code beginning with the letter ‘T’ is the model number of the speaker, … more


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24523 = Serial Number E = Date Code This amp would have be a 100 Watt Super Lead 1972. January 1984 - October 1992 EXAMPLE: S/A T 24523 S/A = Model Code T = Date Code 24523 = Serial Number This ampwould have be a 50 Watt 1985 . JCM900's The JCM900's began using a Bar Code system which consists of 9 digits which are broken down into three sections. more


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We do not have serial number information on Marshall Amps before 1969. The serial number is usually located on the back panel of the chassis but some amplifiers made between 1979-1980 had them on the front panel. From July 1969 to December 1983, the date letter was put after the serial number. more


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Serial Number, Date - Dating, Speaker code & Tube Information by; Chuck Kotlaris This data base is for use for dating and verifying your amp. This information is not for commercial use, and cannot be copied, posted, pasted or otherwise used in any publication or web site. Fender Tube amp codes: 1953-1970 - … more


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For those new to some of the terminology, the chassis is metal and houses of all the knobs, switches, transformers, tubes and sockets etc. - the 'guts' of the amp. The serial number of your amp is always going to be attached to this part of your amplifier. The cabinet is the wood enclosure in which the chassis gets mounted.The cabinet is most often covered in vinyl with the exception of more


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12/12/2015 · Marshall Cabinet Serial Numbers. Marshall cab dating id help marshall amplifier serial numbers made marshall 1550 bass cab 1980 s blues marshall serial number cab. Marshall Ori212 Origin 160 Watt 2x12 Horizontal Extension Cabinet Sweeer. more


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4/25/2017 · Dating a Marshall amplifier can be a daunting task for even the most savvy of suitors — Amp Archives is here to help. 1962 – 1964. The earliest Marshall amplifiers were made in 1962 and had no model or serial numbers. more


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For the most part it's really quite easy to date Marshalls, either by using the serial number or by studying the cosmetics. From a dating point of view they fall into three groups: 1962-1964; 1965-June 1969; and July 1969 onwards. more


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New used a marshall through the date codes below will help. Guitar processor that provided by the reverb. Just scored a b code: use, marshall - dating by the last two digits are easy to wendys. July, who gave them to help. It is a jcm 800 1960a cabinet from july 1969, and gibson serial number. more


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